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Monday, January 26, 2009

Art or trash?

My son runs to me in tears with his crumpled art project from day care. “I found this in the garbage can! How did it get there, Mom?”

Oh boy. I can’t blame this on his baby brother, who can’t even walk yet. And it would be cruel to blame it on Dad...

So I'm the Big Bad Mommy who threw away his masterpiece. Give me a break, OK. Just about every day he comes home with at least one piece of artwork – and I certainly keep an extra-special stash for posterity. I even post these treasures on my walls at work. But yes, I do admit, that about 85 percent of my kid’s art projects end up in the recycling bin (after he's gone to bed).

And he totally called me out on it.

So did I fess up?

Kind of. I did tell him that I threw it away. But looking into those sad little eyes, I caught myself saying, “It must have been an accident, Honey.”

Then I tacked it to the fridge, oh that wondrous place of prominence. He sniffled once, then smiled again, all puffed up with pride.

And all was well in our house again.