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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Breastfeeding bear

Because of my baby’s health issues (Hirschsprung Disease), he was fed intravenously for a couple stretches in the beginning. After that he could only have pumped milk for a while as they carefully monitored how much milk he was getting and his weight gain.

I, therefore, spent a lot of time with the breast pump during his first few months of life.

One day I walked by our preschooler, calmly sitting on the recliner. He’d taken out my pump and was lifting up his shirt, holding the breast shield against his tiny, little-boy chest. He sat their very calmly, his teddy bear on his lap.

I bit my lip to stop from laughing. As casually as possible, I asked, “Watcha doin’ Honey?”

He shrugs. “Getting some milk for my bear.”

It was such a sweet gesture, I didn’t have the heart to set him straight.


  1. Tyler use to nurse his babies as well when he was young it was too cute but only natural since that was how he knew babies got milk. He also has a small sling in which he often wears his baby around the house. Remember in Meet the Fockners 2 how they had the man boob.....lol....too funny!

  2. Yes, I always expected to find him trying to nurse his "buddies" but instead he seemed to prefer the pump. Either way, pretty cute!

  3. Such an endearing story. I swear it made me laugh out loud.


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