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Friday, January 16, 2009

Curtain rod crash

My “baby” has become a speed demon in his little walker and especially loves to plow through my drapes. I try to keep him away from them, but I’m not perfect. The other day, he yanked on them so hard, the whole thing came crashing down!

Thankfully the heavy curtain rod missed him by a good margin.

But my preschooler, for once, was dumbfounded and completely speechless. For years I’ve been telling him that if he played with the drapes, they could come crashing down - and I don’t think he ever actually believed me until that moment.

The baby, unphased, buzzed by me onto to his next favorite hazard: the garbage can.


  1. Like father, like son!!! My kitchen drapes came crashing down years ago!!! LOL!! Thankfully no one got hurt!!
    You're doing a great job!! Your antics are wonderful & I must say you have great material from the boys!!
    I always get a good LOL!!!

  2. I didn't know that! Certainly like father like son. You should have seen what the little stinker did today. I'll write about it soon, don't worry!


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