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Friday, January 30, 2009

Love at first sight

I’m embarrassed to say that we were watching some cheesy, brainless reality show one night. Momma’s Boys, or something like that (we don't have cable, so choices are very limited).

My three-year-old caught an eyeful of the parade of bimbos. Immediately, he puts down his truck to watch a buxom blonde make some ridiculous statement.

“Mom,” he says in awe, “I love her.”

Oh please no.

“Why do you love her?” I ask.

“Because she’s a cutie pie,” he explains.

(Grandma always calls him a "cutie pie.")

In retrospect, maybe this would have been a good time for a discussion about love being more than skin-deep. Instead I rolled my eyes at my husband when the little guy turned away. Somehow, I think we'll have plenty more opportunities to talk about love and cutie pies in the future.

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