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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Never wake a paranoid mama

So last night we did the usual routine. Baby gets up at 11:30, and it takes me an hour to get him back down. You know the routine: rock the baby, pat the baby, feed the baby, put him down, pick him up, walk some laps, put him down again. Back away slowly.

I woke up a couple hours later, like always, but to a strange new sound. I started to panic. I haven’t known this sound in many, many, many months.

The sound of silence.

So, of course, I go tearing into the nursery.

Is he breathing?



Yes, OK, he’s breathing.

Is he tied up in his blanket? Or choking on his nuk?

No, seriously, he’s OK.

So I crawl back under the covers in astonishment, half-expecting to hear a scream or sniffle or at least a little toot. But nada.

An hour later, I’m up again. Still quiet. And – yes, I confirmed – everyone’s still breathing. Holy cow, did I do something right for once? Is this sleep-training project actually working?

Wake up an hour later. Holy engorgement. I can barely move my arms. What can I say, I’m used to nightly nurse-a-thons. Sleepily, I roll onto my belly - ouch, bad idea! Eventually, I fall back asleep wondering, “Isn’t that kid getting hungry yet?”

At around 6, the alarm goes off, and everyone’s up. Baby made it 12:30-6. I’m hesitant to say, but I think that means Operation Nighttime is doing some good.

Now I wonder if there’s some sleep training out there for paranoid mamas?


  1. Congrats on the engorgement. I know that seems like a weird thing to say, but man I envy you! And many congrats on the quiet night! Funny how you probably got less sleep as a result! Hope it keeps on keeping on.

  2. the quiet nights... not the sleepless... oh. you know what i mean.

  3. I guess I should be more thankful for the engorgement, come to think of it. Thanks for the perspective :)

  4. haha- I totally hear you! My 11 month old has barely started to sleep through the night just this last 2 weeks. I still am up every other hour though.... maybe someday my almost 2 years of sleep deprivation will be over!

  5. Nuk is the brand name of a popular pacifier, and like Coke or Kleenex, the brand name is now often used to describe any old pacifier.

    So Eric, if you hear a new mom talking about "Nukie" (nookie), it probably doesn't mean what you're thinking :)


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