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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Rare and wonderful gum

In our world, gum is a rare and exciting treat. Usually it ends up either swallowed because it’s forgotten – or kept a little too top-of-mind and spit out within seconds, after a few hearty chews. Or worse, it gets stuck somewhere it shouldn’t be – my hand-finished cedar chest comes to mind.

Or have you ever had a partially-chewed gum wad go through your dryer cycle? If not, just remember that you dryer’s contents are hot and spinning rapidly. Thus, the gum rapidly melts and then gets tossed around with your wool socks and work pants and dishtowels, coating everything with goopy, sticky reminders of why you should never, EVER give your toddler a piece of gum.

Well, in the midst of another frantic morning before the day care run, my kid sweetly asks if he can have the piece of gum he just dug out of my purse. “Fine,” I relent between packing lunches, stuffing the baby into his snow suit and making sure my shirt’s actually buttoned. Minutes later we head to the garage to load up, and he darts past me and stands in the middle of the driveway.

Chest puffed out, arms spread wide, he declares to the cold, quiet neighborhood for the whole word to hear: “Hey everybody! I’m chewin’ gum!”

I let him relish in the moment for a good few seconds – wondering if he thought someone would reply – before nudging him into the car seat.