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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Teddy bears are softer

We’re sitting at the dinner table, and our son declares, "My penis hurts," to which Dad replies, “Why does your penis hurt?”

“Something was poking it!”

“Really? What was poking it?” Daddy asks, concerned.

“Well, my toy boat.”

“Kiddo, if you are going to poke yourself there, do it with something softer,” Dad advises.

He thinks about it, nods, and goes back to eating. My husband and I give each other one of those knowing looks, as if to say, "Are we really having this conversation?"

Then our son’s head pops back up, suddenly. “Hey Dad! Can you get my teddy bear?”


  1. Keep them coming. I need these laughs.

  2. Thank Kelly, I certainly will.


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