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Friday, January 9, 2009

Waitress Encounters

Yesterday we went out for breakfast. Well, my three-year-old is a talker. But that’s not surprising. My childhood nickname was “Motor Mouth,” and my husband often got in trouble in elementary school for talking too much – though neither of us is especially chatty as an adult.

So our waitress at breakfast, I think she was trying to pay us a compliment, says, “He talks really well for a little guy. What is he, two years old?”

“I’m three,” he deadpans.

It drives me nuts when people ask me questions about him instead of asking him directly – and I think it’s starting to bother him too.

The waitress laughs and looks at us, “Well he’s going to drive his teachers crazy.”

Without missing a beat, my kid tells her, “I think YOU’RE crazy.”


Uncomfortably she replies, “Well, yes, I guess sometimes I can be a little crazy.” And walks away.

Should we have punished him? It was a good comeback. And yes, while his comment was a little rude – I think hers was too, assuming that my kid is going to drive his teachers crazy. (OK, so maybe he will, but that’s besides the point.)

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