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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Child-proof, schmild-proof (Part 3)

We've always thought it was important to teach our kids how to go up and down stairs safely - since it was just a matter of time before they figured out how to open, collapse or climb over the babygates. In fact, my older son can get around a babygate faster than anyone I've ever seen.

We had to have a discussion with our toddler about not sneaking out the sliding glass door to play in the backyard - after he adeptly figured out how to unlock all four of the various locking mechanisms we installed, including one that bolts into the ceiling. (He just pulls over a kitchen stool, climbs up and unbolts it.)

Similarly, we keep our water heater turned down low, just in case.

And we still attempt to lock up the cupboards and doors, and yes, even the fridge, as futile as it seems.

But sometimes I think we just can't win. Especially now that the Babycake is getting into trouble.

The boy's room is decorated with cars, trucks, planes and tractors that drive and fly accross the wall. They're actually pre-pasted pieces of wallpaper. Yesterday, I found Babycakes, who's just learned to stand on his own, about to eat one of the wallpaper pieces that he'd just ripped off the wall. I've also caught him trying to get into the diaper pail, and yanking a nighlight out of an outlet.

I can only imagine what life will be like when the two of them start sharing their secrets and teaming up against Daddy and me.