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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Child-proof, schmild-proof (Part two)

One morning as I was backing out of the driveway to go to work, I noticed an odd collection of items on our front porch. A couple toys. Some canned goods. A shoe. A magazine.

I realized that our toddler had figured out how to open the door. Thankfully the high chain-lock prevented him from wandering away, but it didn’t stop him from throwing some goodies out the door.

I knew I needed to invest in some door-handle locks pronto, before he attempting getting into the garage or down the basement steps on his own. I was happy to find the door knob covers with buttons, which mean your hand must be large enough to fit around the cover and press buttons on either side in order for the door knob to work. Perfect. There’s no way he can make his hand bigger!

We had one week of success, and I thought I had finally thwarted the little stinker. But no. As I always say, I love having a smart kid. I just wish he would use his powers for good and not evil.

So the door to our basement is directly across from our bathroom door. If opened at the same time, they’ll slam into each other.

My son realized that if he just flung the bathroom door open as hard as he could, it crashed into the basement door, right at the doorknob, and the doorknob cover popped right off.

Now, he could only get away with that once, because we heard the crash.

Time out ensued.

But when he saw the doorknob cover off, he learned something - it was in two pieces.

From there it didn’t take him long to figure out that if he jimmied his little fingers into the crack between the two pieces, he could just pop the cover right off (similar to how I’d popped it right on, after I bought them). Now he can do it in one quick motion. In fact, just the other day he wanted to show one of my friends a new toy in the basement. I saw him take her by the hand, pop off the cover and open the door for her without missing a beat.

Maybe I should see if someone in child-proofing business is in need of a consultant...