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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Child-proof, schmild-proof

Now that Babycakes is fast-crawling and pulling himself to stand, I'm getting flashbacks of our first round of child proofing.

What a joke!

Example one: The fridge lock

Our son kept sneaking into the fridge. Sometimes he wanted a snack, but he also gets a kick out of opening yogurt cups, just for fun. He also likes turning the temperature-control dials, which I discovered after noticing ice crystals in my soda on several occasions.

So we bought a fridge lock. It lasted about three days. After that, our then 2-year-old started showing guests how to open it and lock it back up again – just press the button and slide it out.

Example two: The cabinet locks

I knew we were in trouble when he couldn’t yet crawl on his hands and knees, but I caught our older son in a cupboard that had been child-proofed. If you’re familiar with the locks, you know that you can still open the door about an inch, give or take.

My little guy would lay, belly to the floor, and squeeze his little arm up and into the cupboard. Through the small opening, he’d pull out rubber gloves and packets of dishwashing detergent and whatever else he could get those sneaky little hands on.

Once his arm got too big to dig into the cabinent (he can still get his fingers in, if he wants), he figured out that if he just pulled on the cabinet with all his might, he could muscle through the child-proofing if he was desperate enough. Today he knows to just press down on it, easy as pie.

The toilet lock was a total joke, so I won’t even go there.

But the doorhandle-covers with the buttons are my favorite. I thought that there was no way he could get through those, but I was oh-so wrong. (Story to come tomorrow.)

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