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Friday, February 27, 2009

Don't choke on your peas, Babycakes

I've always sort of looked up to Gerber. It's the brand for babyfood, right? And yes, I've strayed into the cheaper brands, as well as the fancy kind with lentils and garbanzo beans. I make some of my own babyfood too.

But the wholesome tubs of Gerber squash and carrots and peaches seem to call my name, daring me to throw at least a handful of containers in my cart every time I pass the baby aisle.

So I was feeding the Babe his #2 Gerber peas tonight, and the little rubber-tipped spoon rubbed against something... crunchy?

I tapped again.


Without a second to pause, I got up and dumped the peas down the sink. Then I rinsed out the container.

Was I overreacting? Wouldn't be the first time. I should have been celebrating that Babycakes will actuality eat peas - his big brother would spit them back in my face.

But upon closer inspection, I did the right thing. Chalk another one up to mommy intuition.

A chunk of jagged, melted plastic, almost glue-like, had peeled off the inside of the container. It was about the size of half my pinky fingernail. It was still attached to the container, but could have easily come loose if I would have stirred the peas a little harder.

Disaster averted.

The offending plastic didn't find it's way into Babycake's precious little mouth. Thank goodness. As you may know, he's had a few surgeries to his digestive tract - so we're extra careful about what we feed him. His system is more sensitive than most. Plus, of course, there's the whole choking risk.

But it goes to show that you can't trust anything - even the squeaky clean Gerber brand. With little ones, you have to trust your gut, second-guess and always be on the watch-out. In fact, that should be in the job description for "parent."

Postscript: I did call Gerber to let them know about the defect. They were appropriately concerned and are sending me a postage-paid container to return the "bad" pea container, as well as the other four unused peas that I bought from the same lot (time stamped 20DEC09 09:21). They're also sending me some coupons or vouchers, and they thanked me up and down for notifying them. I guess I did my civic duty for today - and perhaps saved someone else's baby from choking on his peas.

Postscript 2: Yes, I'll continue to buy Gerber. I'm chalking this up to a freak accident, which could happen anywhere.

Postscript 3 [Yikes, that's a lot of postscripts!]: I have a photo of the offending container, but I'm having some technical difficulties downloading photos at the moment. I will add the pic as soon as I can.