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Monday, February 9, 2009

Operation Nighttime (Try Again, Suckers)

The signs are all there: My husband still drinks coffee two-fisted. The dark circles under my eyes ain't gettin' any lighter. And I haven't seen my copy of the stupid Ferber book in weeks - I must have misplaced it in the foggy haze that is my life.

Basically, Operation Nighttime was a bust.

After a few shiny, glorious moments, where it seemed like perhaps I might sleep through an entire night for the first time in a whole frickin' year - bam! Baby gets sick. Then I get sick. And then those two front teethers decided to pop on in, giving Baby a whole new reason to fuss and fight the night away.

So as we stand, everytime Babycake lets out a nightime yowl, I plop him in bed with me and nurse him to sleep. And that lets Big Brother know it's fair game for him to jump in too.

So we're back to being one of "those families" all smooshed in one bed, none of use getting much sleep.

I guess it's time to start Operation Nighttime (Try Again, Suckers) and jump back on the Ferber bandwagon. You see, I keep hearing that all the answers are in this magical Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems book by Dr. Richard Ferber. If only I could find the flipin' thing.