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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Potty humor

Our deal is that every time we go to the library, I let my preschooler pick out one video. In fact, he's so well trained that he goes right to the kid's shelves, and never even asks for more than one -- though he sometimes picks out one for himself and a Baby Enstein video for his baby brother, which I think is really sweet, even if his true motive is just to get an extra movie .

So with Thomas the Train, Dora and Elmo to choose from, I was dismayed to see him pick out a potty training video recently. It was the same videa that we'd seen ad nasuem when he was younger.

I earnestly pointed out the merits of the other selections. "In this one Dora turns into a mermaid and a princess!" and "Oh, wow, a new Blue's Clues."

I even went so far as to point out Cailou and Little People. And they are about as annoying as they come.

But he wasn't going to budge. So to keep myself from begging in front of the other moms, I gave in.

Proud as can be, he clutched the video as we headed to the check-out counter.

Thinking about how adamant he was, especially since he's been potty trained for a good six months, I asked him, "Why do you want this potty video so bad?"

I thought perhaps he was thinking about his upcoming play date with a 2-year-old who's in the process of potty training. Or maybe he's thinking ahead, looking out for his baby brother.

But no.

"I like the naked butts mom!" he says excitedly.

And sure enough, I can picture several places where they show the cartoon character's butt in the potty video - and there's even a flash of a "real" butt when a kid streaks by the scene during another section.

"Yeah," he says, proud of himself. "I picked this movie for the naked butts."

Well, I guess I can't argue with that.

At least he knows what he likes.