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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The, um, ladies bathroom

My preschooler is very interested right now in the differences between boys and girls. And he understands that he needs to be with Daddy to go in the boys bathroom and with Mommy to go in the girls bathroom.

So the other day we're at the store, and my son has to use the restroom.

"I want to go to the boy bathroom with Daddy," he announces.

My husband looks up warily. We were shopping for TV antennas, and he had done all the research.

"I'll take you!" I chime in.

"No, I really want to go in the boy bathroom!"

My husband interjects, "Daddy's busy. Can you please go with Mommy?"

He stomps his foot, defeated. "Fine! I'll go in the 'gina bathroom!"

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