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Friday, March 27, 2009

Fashion advice for the harried mama

If you know me IRL, you're probably laughing your head off at the idea of me writing a column on fashion advice. I'm not cool. And that's putting it mildly. I wouldn't even buy a pair of capri pants - until last year when I finally gave in - because I thought they were too trendy.

But I'm an expert at unbuckling carseats one-handed, having snacks and matchbox cars always at-hand, and nursing one kid while reading a bedtime story to the other one. In short, I'm a typical harried mom. And I've learned some fashion-related tips and tricks that make my life just a tad bit more manageable.

1. Footie jamies don't have to have feet. I discovered this one day when I desperately needed to do laundry. My son just dirtied his last clean outfit, and I spotted a cute sleeper that was just a little too small. In fact, my husband insisted I stop dressing Baby in it when he realized the kid couldn't straighten his legs anymore. So I grabbed the scissors, defooted the offending jammies, and slipped them on with a pair of socks. Voila! He wore them for another two weeks - until they started to looking like capris.

2. On the topic of footie jamies, these are a terrible idea for the newly potty trained. My son had to wake me in the middle of the night once because he'd taken his arms out of the jamies when going to the bathroom and was helplessly confused about how to get them back on. On the same note, overalls are just as bad. Why do they even make one-piece sleepers or overalls in a 3T?

3. Clothes can be jamies. Both of my kids hate getting dressed. Since their wardrobes consist of jogging pants, sweatshirts, shorts and t-shirts, their clothes are just as comfy as jammies. So I simply get them dressed at night after their baths. Wake up in the morning, and they're ready to go. Just have to change Babycake's diaper, and we're off. Saves me time and struggles every morning.

4. Get yourself a vest. OK, here's where my lack of fashion sense really shows through. But I got a grey, fleece vest last winter and I love it. It works in every season but extreme hot or cold. It matches most of my clothes. And the best part, it has two big pockets. Enough space for my wallet, keys and cell phone, so I don't have to carry a purse or fish them out of the diaper bag. Easy access, baby. (Gee, maybe they should design a fishing vest just for moms, and we wouldn't even need to carry diaper bags!)

Have any fashion tips of your own? Sure you do. Share them in the comments, below.