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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mysterious break-ins, sightings causing havoc

We thought we were safe - in our quaint suburban home in a low-crime Midwestern town. What did we know? Lately, things have gotten so dire, we're looking at home security systems and extra locks for the doors, just so we can start feeling secure again.

Take a look at these recent reports, straight from the mouth of our undercover 3-year-old reporter:
  • A "mean lady" snuck into our home, handed Babycakes a toy broom through his crib rails, watched him scratch his face with said toy, and quickly disappeared from the scene. This meanie-pants had already fled by the time Mommy appeared to comfort the screaming Babe.
  • In our very own living room, just feet away from the kitchen where Daddy and I were having our morning coffee, "a stranger" ripped Babycake's favorite book right from his chubby little hands - and possibly even pushed him down - before evaporating into thin air. Later, when pressed, our reliable reporter decided it wasn't actually a stranger but a friend from day care who apparently snuck into our house to terrorize Babycake.
  • Mysterious toddler-sized teeth indentations appeared on Babycakes' hand while he and his brother were riding in the backseat of my car. Our trusty source confirms that it was a ghost who sunk its teeth into the tiny hand. And to clear up any confusion, our toddler explained that the reason Baby's hand was in his mouth around the same time as the ghost incident was because he was kissing it, possibly in order to console the infant.

As you can see, it's dangerous out there. Time to double-check the locks and keep an eye out for all those naughty people who keep showing up around here!