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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rainy day activity: Indoor sandbox

It's cold and rainy here. The kids are squirly, and we all got spring fever.
When I still had time to read parents' magazines, I remember reading something about how to make an indoor sandbox. All you have to do is dump a box of graham cracker crust crumbs into a casserole dish, and voila, mini-sandbox. And the added bonus: It's perfectly fine if your little stinker tries to eat the "sand."

So we tried it. And it worked pretty darn well. Since we have at least one toy car or truck per every square foot of our house, my son was making roads and building and knocking over sand mounds in no time. He then moved on to dumping the sand into different sized measuring cups.

And then dumping it into any water glasses within a 10-foot-radius.

And then dumping it all over the table, chairs and (by default) floor.

Within about 10 minutes, there were tracks and trails of sand covering about half the kitchen. And within 10 minutes of that, he was bored.

Clean up took about a half hour.

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