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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tiny human destroys suburban home

He looks harmless enough with his chubby cheeks, drooly smile and babyfuzz hair sticking out. He coos and flirts and blows raspberries. He's even starting to say "Mama."

To the unobserved eye, you'd think Babycakes was a sweet, harmless 9-month-old who's an excellent crawler and just took his first steps (!).
But I know the truth.

Babycakes is a destroyer.

Here's what happens each day when we get home from daycare. I put him down to take off my coat, unload my bag and open the mail. Sometimes still in his snowsuit, he:

1. Pops open the pantry door and knocks down all the canned goods and jars of sauce from the bottom shelf. Then he sweeps his arm across whatever he can reach on the second shelf so there's a nice big pile of food on the floor.

2. Then it's across the kitchen to the Tupperware cabinet to strew about lids and plastic bowls of various sizes.

3. Then it's over to the drawers. He pulls himself up and first unloads all the dishtowels from the middle drawer, and then it's on to the bibs and washcloths in the bottom drawer.

Within minutes of arriving home, our kitchen is destroyed.

If I don't intercede, there's also a cabinet of pots and pans he likes to get into. Banging metal lids on the floor is a favorite pastime. (Other favorite activities include digging in the garbage, eating fuzz off the carpet and popping his fingers through the weather-proofing plastic over our windows.)

We also have to watch Babycakes like a hawk when the CD/DVD cabinet is unlocked, because he loves to climb in there and have at the rows of packed shelves. In fact, he often hoots and giggles in delight as jewel case upon jewel case comes tumbling down.

So heed this warning. The next time you see an adorable, 20-pound human, you might want to watch your back. He could be headed for your house next!