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Monday, March 16, 2009

Warning: This may gross you out!

After working in a cube all day, it was great to take the boys to the park after day care. Naturally, they got filthy - but dirt is part of summer, right? I should be embracing it with open arms. Only, unfortunately, I got a little more dirt tonight then I reckoned for.

So head home. Make dinner. Feed the boys. Start getting them ready for a bath.

First I strip Baby. He has a rip-roaring diaper rash, so I've been letting him hang out in the buff whenever I can. Get everything aired out. That seems to help him heal faster.

Then Big Brother gets naked - and does the obligitory three laps around the house. Somehow taking his clothes off makes him want to run in circles.

I gather up some towels and clean jammies, only to find that Babycakes is now pooping on the living room carpet. And he's a fast little bugger. I chase after him, and he crawls the opposite direction, laughing his head off and leaving multiple stains in his wake.

Big Brother calls from the kitchen, "Can I play with water?" He's already excited to play in the tub, but a close second is "washing dishes." I figure, he's already naked, what's the harm?

"Sure," I say, but not before Babycakes sticks his hand in one of the presents he's left for me on the rug. Before I can wipe his contaminated little fingers, he's touching his brother's toys and sippy cup.

I make a mental note to throw away that sippy cup.

I use every baby wipe in sight to clean off Babycake. And move the dirty cup and toys out of reach into a Lysol/throw-away pile.

I hear the water running in the kitchen. Kiddo is spashing and happily singing to himself. That's a good sign, right?

I attempt to wipe down the carpet stains before they can set (HA!), and then dash to the bathroom for the carpet cleaner. And that's when I catch a glimpse of my preschooler's skinny, naked body IN the kitchen sink, water spilling over everywhere.

And I really mean everywhere.

Not only did he flood the counter tops and floor, but the lazy-Susan containing all my baking stuff was soaked. There was even a pool of water floating on top of my flour in its tupperware container (apparently the lid wasn't on completely?). And that was just the beginning. Everything in the cabinent under the sink was turned into Lake DirtyYuck. I kept a small bag of potting soil in there, so just use your imagination.

So tonight after putting the boys to bed, I got to spend the evening wiping down, drying out and sanitizing the kitchen and living room.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a little less messy.