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Sunday, March 8, 2009

X-rated birthday card

To personalize greeting cards for our friends and family, I ask my older son to make a little drawing for the special person. It usually involved a few crayon scribbles, stabbing a marker until it's tip is rounded and maybe a couple upside-down stickers.

I recently started asking him to explain his artwork to me, and I love to hear what his three-year-old mind comes up with. He's drawn a few rocketships, as well as chairs, flowers and his friend Jack's house.

For his beloved daycare provider's birthday, he spent longer than usual, covering the "his side" of the greeting card in green marker.

I asked him to describe the drawing and he simply said, "It's a mountain."

So fast-forward to the next morning. He proudly presents the card to her. Like me, she oohs and ahhs over his drawing. Then she, too, asked for him to explain it.

Without hesitation he says, "It's a picture of my naked butt crack!"

After turning away and swallowing a giggle, I managed to ask, "What about the mountain? You told me you drew a mountain!"

He shrugs and points to a squiggle in the corner. "Yeah, there's a mountian there, too." Then he giggles and does a little jig. "I drew a butt crack! I drew a butt crack!"

She tells him, "You know that's not nice."

But I can see that she, too, is trying not to laugh at her x-rated birthday card.