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Friday, March 6, 2009

You need to sit for that (more potty humor)

"MOM! I went poop!"

They're so subtle, aren't they?

I walk into the bathroom, expecting to find my three-year-0ld sitting on the potty. Instead he pulled his step-stool to the foot of the toilet and he was standing on it, his back to the potty.

"Whatcha doin'?"I ask.

"I said I went poop." He points to the potty.

Sure enough.

Then he bends his knees and sticks out his rear, balancing just so, with his tiny little behind positioned just over the bowl.

A proud grin spreads over his face, and the realization hits me. He went standing up!

He must have seen the shock and surprise cross my face.

"What?" he demanded, utterly confused. "You let me go pee standing up all the time."

I guess his logic is spot-on, but I still had to burst his little bubble and insist that from now on, he sit down to do number two.

(Add that to the list of conversations I never thought I'd be having. Just like the one about why dogs can go outside, but little boys can't.)