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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Boys are gross

Exhibit A: My preschooler has been making a disgusting noise lately. It's kind of a combination of loudly clearing his throat, coughing and yelling "BBBBUUURRRSSHHHH!"

He does it at random. We never know when it's coming.

And it's so darn gross that when he does it in public, everyone within earshot takes an immediate step away from us, waiting to see if he's about to spit or throw up or scream. But he doesn't. He just makes that awful sound, and goes on his way as if nothing happened.

So when he started this, I demanded, "What are you doing?"

He shrugs.

"Why are you making that horrible noise?" I tried again.

"What? Oh. It's my garbage disposal."

And come to think of it, he really does an excellent imitation of a garbage disposal.

Exhibit B: Babycakes is already imitating fart noises.

Today I was holding Babycakes in my lap. He tooted, somewhat loudly.

I could see him concentrate for a second, and then he blew raspberries.

Realizing just how well he'd imitated his tooting sound, he started laughing his little head off.

So, I conclude: Boys are gross. Simple as that. (But they sure do keep me laughing!)