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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I need red to go green

In honor of Earth Day, I'll share a little story about how I've finally managed to start using cloth shopping bags.

I always liked cloth shopping bags in theory. Even when I was a teen-ager, I'd ask store clerks not to give me bags if I was just purchasing a couple items or had my backpack strapped on. And back then, it was kinda kooky to request, "No bags, please." I even remember my uncle snidely explaining to a store clerk, "We're saving the environment."

But now that people have finally caught on, I find that not only is it acceptable, but it's almost expected to BYOB (as in Bring Your Own Bags). Especially here in crunchy Madison.

My problem? These days I can barely make it out of the car remembering to take the diaper bag, my wallet, keys, cell phone if I'm lucky, and not one but two actual kids. How in the world would I remember to bring shopping bags?

Well, I found the trick: Get the brightest, redest, most obnoxious bags you can find and put them right next to you in the front seat. That way, you can't miss 'em.

I used to use Trader Joe's bags, which are a more muted red. Then I got the Target bags - and now I only forget them, maybe once out of every 25 shopping trips. And for me, that's doing really well.

Read about my other green mama tip at http://boogerland.today.com. (Clicky link at right.)

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