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Sunday, April 5, 2009

"Mom, I can't eat Tyrone!"

I haven't mentioned it in this blog before, but I think it's time to out myself. Actually, my whole family - me, husband and the boys. We're veggie people. Vegetarians. We don't eat animals.

But we're not the type who have "Meat is Murder" bumper stickers or get all judgey when someone else eats steak. No PETA membership here. We're the more laid-back type who eat eggs and cheese. (We live in Wisconsin, so cheese is actually part of our required daily intake.)

We don't preach to the kids about our dietary choice. We just eat this way. In fact, our oldest doesn't have a clue that "normal" people eat meat and we're actually the "weirdos."

So the other night, when my son staged a protest at the dinner table, I can assure you it wasn't something he learned from us.

Though maybe I should have seen it coming.

About a year ago, I bought him a box of Backyardigans fruit snacks. I noticed that he'd play with them, but never eat them. And trust me, this kid is coo-coo for fruit snacks. After it happened a couple times, I asked him about it.

He got a horrified look on his face, and said, holding up the gummy, blue blob, "Mom, I can't eat Tyrone!"

From then on, I bought the generic fruit snacks or the ones shape like cars or Legos.

So back to the other night, we were having bean burritos, when he got oh-so offended.

"Mom! It's me! I can't eat that!"

No amount of coaxing would help, and it took me awhile to figure out his objection to bean burritos.

You see, we swaddled our boys when they were babies. In fact, my toddler went though a second swaddling stage after Babycakes was born, because he wanted to be wrapped like his little brother.

And how do we always refer to swaddling? Being a burrito. As in, "Time to make you into a burrito," or "Goodnight, Burrito Baby."

I even caught the two of them rolled up in blankets on the living room floor the other day. The Big One explained, "We're playing burritos, Mom."

So now that he sees himself and his brother as burritos, he can't stand the idea of eating them.

I guess I'll be making him quesadillas for a while.

And it will be interesting to see what he says about the animal crackers in the cupboard...