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Friday, April 3, 2009

New moms: You'll need thick skin

I was watching a TV show once that tried to show teen-agers how difficult parenthood actually is. They started by making the girls where strap-on pregnant bellies. One of them refused to leave her room because she was "embarrassed" to walk around with the heavy basketball under her shirt.

If she thought having a giant belly is embarrassing, she should try having a toddler!

You know, everyone tells you that parenting is exhausting. And exhilarating. And sometimes daunting.

But rarely does anyone warn you about how embarrassing parenthood can be.

I was thinking about that the other morning while dragging my 3-year-old out of story time at the library, after he made it clear that there was no way he could a) sit remotely still or b) stay relatively quiet or c) stop provoking the other kids to misbehave along with him.

And then there are the times he:

  • Loudly asked me, "Why is that girl's skin brown?"
  • Patted an older gentleman on the butt in Wal-Mart.
  • Announced to a large line of people that he'd just gone poop.
  • Took a bite out of a box of fruit snacks at the grocery store (so I had to buy them). He similarly licked a stuffed animal at a bookstore.

And then there are the everyday situations, like changing diapers on bathroom floors because there aren't any changing tables, or breaking into a run to get your newly-potty trained child to the bathroom on time - or the accidents that ensue when you don't make it.

Perhaps there should be a baby shower card that says: "Congratulations! You're life will never be the same. PS: You might want to get some thicker skin, because parenting is more embarrassing then you've ever imagined."