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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

That's my dog, er, son

My son has always been active, even as a baby. He went from rolling to walking to running in a matter of weeks. And lately, we've had a big problem with him running away from us in public places. And it's especially hard to chase after him when we're towing Babycakes in his car seat or a grocery cart, etc.

After running away from me in Trader Joe's last week, and giving me the scare of my life, I became exasperated. So I did one of those things I always said I'd never do: I bought a kid leash.

Just like the other things I said I'd never use - a pacifier, premade PBJ sandwiches, disposable bibs - I quickly realized why other parents like these so much.

Really, it's worked like a charm. Now when we go to the zoo or the store or even for a walk around the block, I'm a lot more confident knowing that he physically can't run away from me.

I only wish I would have bought one sooner!

Sure, we get some evil stares from people, horrified that I walk my toddler around on a leash. So we've come up with a great response - my son barks at them.

In fact, just yesterday a woman said to me, "How can you treat him like an animal?"

And perfectly timed, my son looked at her and loudly exclaimed: "Woof! Woof!"

She was so shocked she just walked away.

(April fools ;)


  1. Oh, for God's sake! You even warned me this was April Fool's-related, but I still didn't realize that until the last sentence! How easy and gullible am I? Guess the only thing I thought was strange was that you didn't seem like the type of mom to do the leash thing. BUT, I'll bet you think about it once in awhile, huh?? :-)

  2. Yes, I do think about it - but I don't think I could actually go through with it. (Then again, who knows what he'll do next that might get me to change my mind!)

  3. We think this is funny. As the owner of two dogs and a baby... well, we don't own our baby... which leads me to ask, do we own our dogs? Anyway, point is that we've noticed the dogs and baby are not too dissimilar. The idea of a barking son amuses us.

  4. I would have thought this was a serious post until the April fool at the bottom! D'OH....


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