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Monday, May 18, 2009

Feel the love

I recently posted a little love letter to Babycakes. And now tonight, the two other guys in my life - my husband and my preschooler - gave me their own little love letters. And they know just how to make a girl feel special.

My son gave me the most beautiful bouquet of wildflowers.

They were dandelions. Of course. But not the blooming yellow dandies. Nope, they were better.

These were the puff-ball, make a wish, scatter-the-seeds-to-your-neighbors-lawn variety. He picked them off the soccer field at our neighborhood park.

And being the thoughtful little tike that he is, he made sure to wash mommy's flowers. Using the nearby bubbler (that's a water fountain for those of you not from around these parts), he meticulously cleaned them off.

Once they were thoroughly smooshed, soaked and mangled - with only the tiniest bit of the fluff remaining - they were shoved in the "trunk" of his tricycle. He peddled them all the way home, his skinny knees clanking against the handlebars, so that I could, "keep them forever."

Then later when Daddy got home, he brought me a six-pack of my new favorite beer. Black Wheat from the New Glarus Brewing Company. Very, very hard to find in stores - even here in Wisconsin, which is the only place you can even buy New Glarus beer. It's smooth and dark (yum) - yet, it's a weiss beer (double yum). It even has hints of coffee and chocolate buried in there.

Who needs roses or jewelry when you can have a heartfelt, one-of-a-kind weed bouquet and a well crafted local brew? Now that's some love.


  1. Sooo sweet! They really do know you!

  2. Just wanted to stop by and let you know that I am passing on a blog award to your fabulous blog. You can pick it up at http://myfourmonkeys.com.

  3. aww that is soooo sweet! i love the photo of with the dandie and beer! love it! thanks so much for stopping over, come back and visit anytime! and hold onto those boys they seem to really love u!

  4. That's so cute. LOL

  5. What sincere gifts. Nothing is better than that given with thoughtfulness by those that love you.


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