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Monday, May 25, 2009

Hello, Poison Control? Yep, it's me again.

Last week I called Poison Control. Again.

At right you can see the lovely things my kids have ingested in the past, prompting me to call and confirm they would be OK.

And so far they've been just fine. Phew. (Though perhaps these poisoning scares have elevated Mama's blood pressure.)

I think the dishwashing solid, with powerball (I agree with my son - it does look like candy) was the worst. He didn't actually eat the whole thing, but he manage to get a good bite. In that case they had me feed him a popsicle and watch him for redness, swelling, that kind of thing. They even called me an hour later to check on him.

This week was a new one. My preschooler is absolutely fascinated with the "canned air" we use to clean the keyboards. I noticed him sipping water with a small, odd-looking straw. With horror, I realized it was the straw for the canned air.

He said, "Mom, it tastes like steam."

"Does your mouth hurt? Does your throat hurt?" I asked, worried. What kind of chemicals do they use to make canned air? When you shake the canister, it feels like there's some kind of liquid in the bottom.

"Um," he says, thinking about it. "Yes, my mouth and my throat hurt!"

He also didn't eat dinner. So I got scared and called my friends at the Poison Control hot line. But since he wasn't complaining, had no redness or sores - and eventually did eat, when presented with an alternative to the dinner choice I made for the family.

So he's fine. We're all fine.

Though Babycakes ate a dirt clod a few days ago - when he had a cookie in the other hand, no less. He also ingested a hot wheels tire at grandma's house last weekend. And then there was the time he gulped a couple Japanese beetles he picked off our window sill...

Yeah. I think I'll keep the Poison Control number posted on the fridge for a few, or maybe like 10, more years.