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Friday, May 22, 2009

Mommy's the, um, boss

We were at a restaurant for dinner tonight when the teenaged waiter came over and asked if there was anything else he could get for us. He looked directly at me, and I told him, "No thanks. We're fine."

My preschooler, his glass drained of his beloved pink lemonade, scrunched his nose at me.

"How come he just asked you if you wanted anything else?" he asked.

I joked with him, "Because he could tell that I'm the boss here."

(When he gets sassy, he hears, "You're not the boss around here," so I know he understands the concept.)

"What Mom?" He looked confused.

"I said, it's because he knows that I'm the boss," I repeated.

I could tell he was still mulling this over, and I was starting to wonder if he would question my authority - perhaps saying that he thought Daddy was the boss, or that me and Daddy together were the boss.

Instead he looks at Daddy and says, "Hey Dad! Mom says she's lost."

Daddy found this pretty funny.