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Friday, May 1, 2009

What's that jingle?

So it was a recent, frantic morning. I'm simultaneously eating my make-shift breakfast and packing my lunch as Babycakes clutches my leg, slyly wiping his nose on my work pants.

Faintly, I hear jingle, jingle.


I look around, and all I see is my toddler doing a little dance, resisting my persistent requests to "Please put your shoes on," and "Please put your coat on."

I go back to my chores.

Jingle, jingle.

It's a metallic sound.

My toddler is hopping around again. He seems to notice the sound, now, too.

"What's that, Mom?" He stops, and the noise stops.

"Do you have coins in your pockets?" I ask. He's not allowed to play with money, for several reasons.

He shrugs and reaches into his pockets. He pulls out two chubby handfuls of beer bottle caps. Apparently he's been collecting them from a spot next to the recycling. And on this special morning, he was going to bring them to day care for show-and-tell.



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  2. I am laughing out loud. Aren't kids great?

  3. Nice! That story's one of the best yet.

  4. Too funny,kids they keep you on your toes.
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  5. Hahahahahaa... I found you via the MBC under 100 ... I am following you :) I look forward to following you :)

  6. That is so funny!
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  7. Cute. Following from MBC

  8. LOL! My son is crazy about coins, so that's what I automatically thought what the jiggle was!

  9. Very interesting story


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