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Sunday, June 7, 2009

All hail the garage sale queen

OK, I'm not really a garage sale queen, but I sure cleaned up this weekend. And I get really giddy when I get a good deal (does anyone out there not know that I paid just $38 for my wedding dress?) so I just gotta share.

Here's what we got:

  • A classy, simple couch to replace the ugly old futon in our living room (click on the photo for a closer look)

  • A kid's scooter (not motorized, just the regular push kind)

  • A boy's bike, perfect size for a lanky 4-year-old who's about ready to ditch the training wheels

  • Two dresses for yours truly

  • A kid's life jacket

  • A pair of water-wings

  • A little toy tea set for the boys to play with

So what was the grand total? Drum roll, please.

Just $99.

$75 (couch); $10 (scooter); $5 (bike); $3 and $2 (dresses); $2 (life jacket); $2 (tea set); and they threw in the water wings for free.

And to help keep the universe in balance, I sold our old bassinet for just $8.