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Friday, June 12, 2009

Beware the preschool traffic cop

Today we were driving down a busy highway when my preschooler suddenly gasped.

"What's wrong kiddo?"

I peak in the rear view mirror at him. He looks utterly disgusted.

"Mom!" he says, pointing to his window.

I look around, and nothing jumps out at me. There's no fire truck with its lights on. No cement mixer. Not even a convertible with its roof down. Nothing out of the ordinary.

He taps the glass, visibly upset. "Mom, look!"

I see a some regular old cars, minivans and a motorcycle ridden by a middle-aged couple.

"Mom, those people!" He points, really upset with the bikers.

The woman has long flowing blond hair. The guy sports a bandanna and a grey beard. They look pretty normal to me.

Shaking his head somberly, my son grumbles, "They're not wearing their helmets."

I recall all the times I've talked him about the importance of wearing a helmet - from riding in a Burley towed behind Daddy's bike, to his own trike to his big boy bike with training wheels. I can see the message clearly wasn't lost on him.

"Mom," he says. "I think they should go to time out."

"Yep," I said. "I think you're right."


  1. LOL.... at least you know the lessons you're teaching them are sinking in.

  2. :-) I love when they pay attention when we talk, and then surprise us with gems like that. It makes me feel as though all the preaching I do is *actually* doing something, rather than just creating a whole lot of noise in the air.

  3. You taught him well!


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