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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Brotherly love and piggies

I think one of the most precious things about having more than one child is observing the interaction between siblings.

Even when they "fight," they're so darn cute. I have to stifle a giggle as Babycakes "yells" at his brother, who's twice the size of him. The little guy's even been known to hit or throw balls at Big Bro for getting between Babycakes and his Mama (or his toy-of-the-hour).

And while they're squabbling is cute - though I'm sure it won't be for long - the little moments of tenderness are my favorite. Like when Babycakes holds out his cheese cube or spaghetti strand to share with his brother. Or when Big Brother wordlessly kisses Baby on the forehead or hands him his bottle.

A couple days ago, I overheard this rendition of "This Little Piggy," as performed on Babycakes by Big Brother:

"This little piggy went to the grocery store -
This little piggy stayed home.
This little piggy went to day care.
And this little piggy went...
Wee wee wee, all the way to your armpit!"
(Tickling Babycakes' armpits as they both crack up laughing.)


  1. LOL thats to cute. Oh kids! LOve em to death:O)

  2. I couldn't agree with you more! (Although I have girls!) The sweetest sound is the two of them laughing together!

  3. Omg...lol...thats the funniest thing I heard all day!!

    thanks for the giggles :)

  4. Cheers to the beautiful moments! That is so cute/funny.


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