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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Come on 4

Within 10 minutes tonight my preschooler:
1. Almost smashed the mirror in our bathroom with a hammer that he snatched from me when I was hanging pictures.
2. Tore all the sheets and pillows off my bed.
3. Tore all the sheets and pillows from his bed.
4. Broke Babycakes' crib by standing on the rails (to jump off).
5. Kicked me in the hand, pushing back my index finger to an angle it wasn't made to reach.
6. Tore all the sheets and pillows from his bed, again, after I'd just remade it.

He went to time out. He had his bedtime stories taken away - and then his songs. But honestly, I dont' think any of that even phases him.

Someone once told me that age 4 is easier than 3. Oh please, oh please let that be true. Just two months and five days to go.

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