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Saturday, June 6, 2009

More language of a 3-year-old

Sorry to keep posting about my preschooler's word confusion, but I just can't help myself. He's been saying some of the funniest things lately, and I don't want to forget these:

Sloppy Joes. He kept referencing sloppy joes in a wrong and often bizarre context. So I stepped back and listened more closely. "I love the noodles we get at Sloppy Joes." and "Can we got to Sloppy Joes."

I eventually figured out that he calls Trader Joes "Sloppy Joes."

The Big Tire. We've been hitting the garage sales lately, and whenever we approach a new one my son runs up to the person-in-charge and asks, "Do you have a Big Tire?"

Well, he's close. In reality, we've be searching for a Big Wheel for him.

Pellopinater. I've been wearing a pedometer lately for the Walking Club at work. I guess I could have told him it was a "ticker" or something, but I just told him the correct name for it. Since pedometer is kind of a tough one to pronounce, I wasn't surprised when he came up with his own variation: The Pellopinater.

Because he's so obsessed with my pedometer, I picked one up for him too. I'd love to compare my steps vs. his for the day, but he clicks the "reset" button a little too often for that to work.

And it's really cute. He'll often look at my pedometer and comment (regardless of the number), "Wow Mom, that's a lot of steps today."

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  1. Three is such a funny age when it comes to the things they say. I love the Sloppy Joes comment. I can never tell the difference between a crocodile and an alligator and apparently have passed that on to one of my girls. Her toothbrush cover is one of those (not sure which) and the other day she asked me where her crocogater was.


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