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Monday, June 29, 2009

That's one way to serve salad

We have lettuce of every variety coming out of our ears these days. Each year we buy a CSA farm share where were get a box of in-season organic veggies from a local farm every week from June through October. And the last two weeks it's been lettuce, lettuce, everywhere.

So I'm serving salad with every meal. Usually for my preschooler I leave it plain or maybe put on a couple drops of ranch dressing.

Yesterday at lunch I decided to use a little of the aged balsamic and fancy olive oil that we picked up on vacation. (Yes, it was from the store that didn't allow strollers.)

What was the reaction from our almost-4 year old?

He took a bite and his eyes got wide. He jumped up, ran to me and tugged at my shirt with genuine concern in his sweet little face.

"Mom," he gasped, "There's poison in the salad!"