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Monday, July 20, 2009

A 3-year-old in love

Yesterday a good friend of mine joined us for dinner. Staring directly into her chest, Mo professed, "You're so beautiful!"

Nice, hunh?

Later, when it was bed time, he asked her: "Can you come upstairs and sleep with me? Or at least chase me around the room and pretend to be a monster?"

Daddy, suppressing a laugh, whispered to me, "You got to admit, he comes up with some pretty good lines."


  1. The ladies better watch out when Mo is a teen... sounds like he's already got some smooth lines.

  2. Yeah, it kinda freaks me out to think about what the teenage years might be like...

  3. Bahahahaha! You will have to bust that little anecdote out at his engagement party!


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