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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Dentist Man, take me away!

Yesterday I had some dental work done. Ahhhh. It was quite nice.

Am I nuts?

Well, yeah, a little nuts.

But my dentist assured me that mothers with young children, like yours truly, are the patients who most enjoy going to the dentist. Yes, I said "enjoy" and "dentist" in the same sentence.

The prodding and drilling aside, you get to lay down with your feet up in a comfy chair, in the middle of the day. You can close your eyes and listen to music. All you have to do is keep your mouth open. You don't have to chase a toddler who's learned to take his own diaper off. You don't have scrub marker off the walls or sanitize sticky fingers. Or feed, clothe or bathe anyone.

Sure, it's not like getting a spa pedicure and facial. But those things could be seen as self-indulgent and expensive. Getting your teeth cleaned is necessary and responsible, and likely covered by your insurance. What I'm saying is, it's guilt-free. A totally free pass to lay down with your feet up in the middle of the day.

Since a lot of you readers out there are also parents of young children, I'd like you to weigh in. Am I crazy? Or do you like going to the dentist these days, too?


  1. I know exactly what you're talking about. I only have 1 son, but he's crawling, cruising, and getting into everything. Eating bugs off the floor, God knows where he finds them, 'cause I can't find 'em! When I get a "time out" like the dentist - or even, God forbid, a gyno appointment! - it's amazing. Lay back, feet up, whatever. It's still an hour where I'm not running, chasing, scolding, scooping things out of his mouth... The VERY best is when my husband watches him while I take a shower. I will get my scrubbing and rinsing done as soon as possible and then honestly just stand there letting the water hit my back for 15 minutes. Sorry, Environmentalists. That 15 minutes of wasted water is HEAVEN!

  2. I hate going to the dentist, but I LOVE going to physical therapy. I am 31 weeks pregnant and have a 21 month old dauther at home. My OB prescribed physical therapy for some tailbone pain I've been having, and I guiltily think of it as my insurance-covered weekly massage appointment. The PT puts a moist heating pad on my back for 10 minutes and turns off the lights, and it feels like 10 minutes in paradise.

    And, Leah, I too take too long in the shower. It is sometimes the only "me" time I get in the whole day.

  3. Megan - that PT appt. sounds wonderful! Much better than the dentist.

    Leah - I know what you mean about the showers, too. Only sometimes, my boys stand right at the edge of the tub - and Curly even pulls back the shower curtain, cries/reaches for me and gets all wet. It's a good day when they actually leave me alone long enough to shower.


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