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Monday, July 27, 2009

Destroyer Baby takes on kitchen

Curly loves emptying shelves, drawers and cupboards. And I'm OK with that. As long as he's messing with "his" stuff - like the Tupperware, the dishtowels, his toys.

I've arranged the pantry so the stuff that he can dump out and make a mess with - like cereal boxes and rice - are on the top shelves. I don't care if he rolls the cans of black beans or takes every packet of microwave popcorn out of the box. That's how babies learn, right?

I thought the granola bars were pretty safe. Pull them out of the box, put them back in, pull them out again. That's like, three whole minutes of entertainment. And there's no way he can rip open one of the wrappers.

Or so I thought.

Not only did he open the granola bar - just bit right through the wrapper, yum! - but he also ran around the whole kitchen, littering specs of wholesome crunchies in every corner and crevice.

Destroyer Baby wins again!