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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Drains, trash and porta-potties - OH my!

When Mo was 2, we took him to Montreal. We found these beautiful botanical gardens, and all he wanted to do was look down into the drain grating to stare at storm water runoff and bits of debris. I kid you not - he just ran from drain to drain, completely enthralled.

The other tourists found him adorable and hilarious. And we did, too -- the first 27 times. Then it would have been nice to move on to something like, say, the beautiful gardens we'll probably never get to see again.

And then there's the trash-and-toilet stage Curly's in right now. We've had to lock up our kitchen garbage can and put the diaper pail beyond the baby gate. It's like he physically can't stop himself from going through garbage when it's anywhere in sight. Just like he can't refrain from splashing in the potty or throwing his bottle (or other goodies) in the toilet bowl.

If that weren't gross enough - Mo is suddenly enthralled with porta-potties. Not just curious or interested - he's mesmerized! In order to get him to behave the other day, I found myself offering as a Big Reward, "I'll let you look inside the porta-potty at the park today." And bam, that got him to behave.

We went to the Concert on the Square last week and to the Bastille Day "Fete De Marquette" festival on Saturday. The highlights for Mo? You guessed it, the porta-potties.

You should hear the excitement in his voice when he recaps: "We played, had a picnic and listened to music. And GUESS WHAT? They had porta-potties there! A whole row of them! They even had an outside sink next to the porta-potties - it was soooooo COOL! I just love porta-potties. You know, my Mom let's me look in the porta-potty by the park sometimes."

Oh, life with little boys. Need I say more?


  1. When my son was that age (so long ago now!) he wanted to be a garbage truck. I kept saying, "so you want to drive the truck?" And he kept insisting that no, he was actually going to be a garbage truck. Every Friday, we'd watch the trash pickup so he could learn how to be a garbage truck!

  2. Manic Mama, our sons are a lot alike. Mo also wants to BE the garbage truck - in fact, that was his Halloween costume last year (a la spray-painted diaper box).

  3. That is so funny... my boy wanted to be the man that hung off of the back of the garbage truck to be the one that flings the trash into the back.

    Ha ha that was so long ago.. now of course only the garbage truck driver is necessary.

  4. Even my nephew is the same. He loves to be garbage truck :)


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