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Friday, July 10, 2009

The Little Things: Mo's lesson for the day

On my days “home” with the boys, we’re often bouncing all over the place. Park. Library. Olbrich Gardens. Farmer’s market. The zoo. There’s the less-glamorous stuff, too, like the post office and grocery store.

It drives me nuts to be home for an entire day. I need to move around, even if it’s just a walk to the park. And since I got two little wild men at my heels, it makes sense to me to keep on moving.

On one particular day, we hit the YMCA, story time at the library, McDonald's play land, the car wash, grocery store and a neighborhood park. When Daddy got home, I recapped our day.

“Boy, you were busy!” He turns to Mo. “So kiddo, what was your favorite part?”

He thought hard. He’s a thinker, you know.

I was sure it would be the car wash or park. Maybe the Y.


“It was riding my scooter with Mom!” he said.

I had to think for a minute. And then I remembered that when we got home from the park, I took him down the driveway a couple times on his scooter. He hooted with delight. And then we moved on to the next thing: making dinner and tidying up the house.

The fact that our little scooter ride meant so much to him was really touching. And it was a great reminder for me that, while it’s sometimes fun to haul them all over the place in search of exciting things to do, sometimes the best, most meaningful moments are the unplanned little things.

A good lesson for the day, courtesy of a 3-year-old.