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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Introducing Curly and Mo

When does a baby stop being a baby?

When I started this blog, I called my older son, "My Toddler" and my younger son "Babycakes." But these days, Babycakes is the toddler-like one, walking, talking, running, climbing, drinking from a sippy cup. And my almost-4 year old could use a better nickname, too.

So they are now officially dubbed "Curly" and "Mo."

My little guy has developed the most beautiful little curls. It makes me afraid to cut his hair - will those curls really come back? His ringlets also seem to convince quite a lot of strangers that he's a girl.

Can't boys have curly hair?

So IRL I've taken to calling him "Curly," which gave me the idea to change his blog name too. That said, he's still, and will always be my Baby.

Mo isn't that far off from Big Brother's real name.

So there you have it. Curly is my toddling, drooling and sweet-as-pie 14-month old. Mo is my too-smart-for-his-own-good, 4-year-old funnyman.

Stay tuned to hear all about their latest adventures.


  1. My son had crazy ringlets too. And didnt have a haircut for years :)


  2. Oh, it's sad when they aren't "babies" any more... even though they always will be to us. Love the names!


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