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Friday, July 31, 2009

We're movin' on up!!

Watch out Wisconsin, you're about to get invaded by Boogerland!

A couple weeks ago, I gathered up my courage and contacted an editor at the Wisconsin State Journal to see if they'd be interested in signing up another writer for their mom blog. And to my (pleasant) surprise, they agreed to post some stories about my two little wild men and our adventures in Boogerland. Turns out, their writers only have girls, so they were looking to add some diversity.

Each time I post on the WSJ site, I'll also provide the link here. To give you a sneak preview, my first post will appear tomorrow (Monday), called "Storytime and other tortuous pursuits."

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  1. Oooh! I'm so excited for you! We'll click and support for sure! Have fun. You're a talented writer / story teller.

  2. That is fantastic. Congratulations. Can't wait to start reading the links.


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