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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

10 telltale signs you're a mama

Find my latest post on the Wisconsin State Journal site. And check out some of the comments - yikes!


  1. Wowzers! Rather than get caught in the middle of that, thought I would post here and say... way too funny (your post, not that one person's comments).

  2. Wow, sounds like someone didn't get enough hugs as a child. Seriously, why would someone who hates the life of a parent even comment? If you "have something to do every night," why are you randomly leaving hateful comments on articles about motherhood? I'm frankly glad she doesn't have any children since she thinks all parents are for is ruining children's lives!

  3. That was entertaining in a "raise the hackles" kind of way! I liked your post, by the way. It's all true.

  4. Yeah, it's surprising and kind of entertaining, too. Good for traffic :)

    But not sure why someone who hates hearing about others' kids is hanging out on a mommy blog??


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