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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dollies beware!

Dollies have a rather morbid history in our house. A couple months ago I wrote about one unfortunate incident, which I called "Frozen Cabbage."

Well, yesterday we took a nice walk and stopped by a few garage sales along the way. The boys latched on to a toy roller coaster and Ferris wheel that came with four little dolls and two cars. For three bucks, it was an easy sale.

They've been playing with it ever since we got home. At first they ignored the dolls and just zoomed the cars up and down the roller coaster tracks.

Then Mo thought it would be funny to force a dolly to ride the roller coaster backwards.

Then he threw a couple dollies on the track and yelled, "Oh no! Don't hit the sleeping babies on the tracks!"

Then his attention turned to the Ferris wheel. But instead of giving the dolls a nice ride, he decided to hang them upside down by their feet.

Yeah. Now I remember why we don't have more dollies around our house.


  1. My brothers and I used to play GI Joe together. I would get so mad because they always picked on Lady Jane and Scarlet... my two favorites!


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