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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


So, last week I told ya about our brand new bamboo floors. In those seven days since they've been installed, we've really done our part to initiate them into our family. (Welcome to Boogerland, sucker!)

In a mere week, the floors:

  • Were peed on twice by Curly.

  • Began sporting a mysterious gooey, gummy substance that you have to pick off with a fingernail.

  • Were stamped - as in by an ink stamper, held by a certain 1-year-old who opened a cupboard, dug out a box and pulled out a tiny drawer in order to find said stamper.

  • Were beaten, exactly twice, by Mo yielding a metal ice cream scooper.

  • And this morning, Curly threw up all over them. (Not because he's sick, but because he took a large bite out of some sidewalk chalk and chewed it up - which apparently, can cause a vomiting reaction.)

Also on the floor front, we discovered water in our basement this weekend. Turns out when you flush the downstairs toilet, a gush of water spews across our basement storage room. Apparently the floor guys didn't put the potty back correctly.

They're coming to fix it tomorrow.

Never a dull moment, right?

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