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Friday, August 7, 2009

Impressionable child both green and clean

I had a surreal experience at the grocery store today with the boys.

Mo, who can't even write his own name, walked right up to the Green Works brand of house-cleaner and says, "This is Green Works. How about we buy some and bring it home."

I stared. We've never used this brand, and I've never even really noticed it.

"How did you know that was called Green Works?"

He shrugged.

I tried to remember if our day care lady uses the stuff.

"Seriously, how did you know that was Green Works?"

"I just read it, Mom."

Slightly puzzled, I continued our shopping adventure. And then on the drive home, again, he asked, "Mom, why didn't we get any Green Works."

"Well, we have other cleaners at home. And they're environmentally friendly, so don't worry."

He sighs. "But Mom, Green Works disappears the stains off your counters. And they have Green Works wipes."

My gosh. Maybe he learned to read overnight.

And then he clued me in:

"I learned all about it on TV, Mom."