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Friday, August 28, 2009

Mommy's education, Part 1

With all the back-to-school frenzy around me, I've been worrying a little about getting Mo ready for kindergarten. He's got a full year before that happens, but he doesn't yet know how to write his name. And we need to work on sitting still, paying attention and taking turns.

As I've been exploring different ways to teach him all the many things they are supposed to know before kindergarten - it occurs to me that I'm learning just as much from him. Or maybe even more.

So let me share some lessons from Mo.

1. A couple days ago we were playing at a park overlooking a lake. We threw rocks into the water, and he took his shoes and socks off and shuffled in just a little past his ankles. Then he slipped and fell. Shorts, shirt, totally soaked. I didn't have a change of clothes or a towel or anything. But he just got up, looked at me, unconcerned, and said:

It's OK. The sun will dry me off, Mom.

2. This morning I brought down clothes for both kids and put them on the couch. Mo unfolded both his and Curley's socks, and decided to wear one of each. Red-and-white stripes on one foot, navy on the other. He told me:

They don't have to match. They work fine just like this.

3. And the lesson that he preaches to me over and over, when he's climbing the furniture, making elaborate forts, trying to give his brother a ride of some sort or lobbying for another snack:

Don't worry, Mom. Everything will be OK.

Coming up next: Lessons from Curley.