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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Seesaws and false advertising

I was driving with the boys yesterday. As we approached a neighborhood park, "the blue park," Mo sighs loudly from the backseat.



"There's no seesaw at the blue park!" he says definitively.

I nod in agreement. "Yes, Honey, I know." Trying to follow his train of thought, I added, "They don't have a fire pole either." Because right now, he just loves fire poles.

"But MOM!" he says, getting angry.


"The sign says there's a seesaw at that park. And I KNOW there's not a seesaw at the blue park!" he fumed.

Confused and trying to placate him, I simply agreed. "OK. You're right." And then I quickly changed the subject.

But on the drive back home, I figured it out. And I realized I should have taken little Mo a bit more seriously. He's a smart little bugger. And a very deep thinker.

About a block before the park - the blue park that contains absolutely NO seesaw - here's what I saw, what Mo must have seen, too:


  1. Isn't it amazing when you think they are just pulling something out of thin air and you realize, they aren't? It makes you all confuzzeled! LOL

  2. I don't even know when I last saw a see-saw! Seriously. It's like playgrounds/parks don't have them anymore! And funny you should mention that particular sign. I noticed the exact same one this morning (before I saw this post!) near our neighborhood park - and guess what? NO SEE-SAW!

  3. What an observant kid! I would have been mad if I were him, too!

  4. How confusing our world must be for little ones.

  5. Yes, they're so literal at this age, it's very hard to explain stuff like this. And I have a feeling that the hard-to-explain questions/answers are only beginning.


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